• California Home Goods Multi-Purpose Boot Mat & Tray for Indoor and Outdoor Floor Protection 30 x 15 x 1 2 VZGAALRBZ

PROTECT YOUR FLOOR FROM SURFACE SPILLS - Large 30" x 15" surface area and raised 1.2" inch edges serve as a spill containment tray to protect your hardwood and carpet floors from paint, pet or liquid stains. This utility tray keeps your tasks neat and contained and the leak-proof design allows for several convenient functions. Use it as a litter liner or tray for your dog's water bowl. Use it as a paint storage tray and so much more.PERFECT FOR YOUR PETS - Say goodbye to messy spills from dog & cat food, pet food bowls and cat litterboxes. The solid, spill-proof polymer and raised edges keep the food and other debris contained within the tray, making it the perfect cat litter mat and more. No more sweeping up the laundry room after every feeding & cleaning. Now you can easily keep pet food and water messes to a minimum in an easy to clean area.MAKES FOR THE PERFECT SHOE TRAY - Live in a cold and rainy city This shoe tray is sized perfectly to handle a wide array of shoes, boots and slippers under any condition, indoors OR outdoors. Place it on the front porch for everyone's galoshes before they come inside, or right next to the door in the foyer for those messy boots. Whether you live in the snow or red clay, you'll LOVE having a safe place to store those shoes and keep your carpet nice and clean.HIGH QUALITY ECO-FRIENDLY, SPILL-PROOF POLYMER - Made from 100% recycled polypropylene to foster a better environment, our materials are unusually resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. Wash it down with a hose and voila! It's clean and ready to use once again. This durable storage mat is also rugged enough to stand up to whatever you have in store for it. Whether it be for your cement-caked work boots or hauling bags of sod in your SUV, this tray will stand the test of time.LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We are so confident in the quality of our products at California Concepts to California Home Goods that we offer you a lifetime guarantee. Our factory warranty is only available from the authorized seller California Concepts to California Home Goods. Reach out to us if there's ever anything you need; we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Your floors are an expensive investment.

Whether it's carpet or hardwood, nothing is more visually unappealing in your home than a stain you can't get rid of. California Home Good's Boot Tray is made from high-grade polypropylene and designed with raised edges to contain water and dirt, and prevent spills from happening.

Use it indoors, outdoors or anywhere else that makes a mess!

Whether you've got a home full of pets to feed or spend your free time gardening, the multi-purpose tray keeps your floor and belongings dirt free. Use it to hold your paint and prevent floor spills, or simply use it to keep your belongings clean while out gardening. It's the perfect companion to your everyday active at-home lifestyle. You can even use this awesome rubber boot mat in your car!

Backed by our lifetime guarantee.

If you ever have any issue with the boot tray from California Home Goods, we'll replace it, free of charge and no questions asked. So go ahead and click 'Add to Cart' and start enjoying the squeaky clean life.

California Home Goods Multi-Purpose Boot Mat & Tray for Indoor and Outdoor Floor Protection 30 x 15 x 1 2 VZGAALRBZ

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California Home Goods Multi-Purpose Boot Mat & Tray for Indoor and Outdoor Floor Protection 30 x 15 x 1 2 VZGAALRBZ

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